Simple planning and continuous paving at the right mix temperature. 


State of the art process controls like Q Asphalt link and control the whole construction process. Q Asphalt enables easy and fast planning of complex construction sites in just a few minutes. The influence of every modification to all other parameters within a construction project is processed. Thus you avoid friction loss at the interfaces of singular process steps. You increase the efficiency of the whole construction from the mixing plant to the vehicle fleet up to your construction site.


  • Easy planning for small and big projects

  • Live optimised planning and execution

  • Just-in-time logistics

  • Real-time information for all involved parties

  • Continuous documentation of all processes

  • Asphalt plant, Trucks and Jobsite are connected

“More complete than any other solution”


“Clearly developed by people with knowledge of road construction”


“With Q asphalt we are only offering projects that we complete with profit”

German customer

Customer feedback on jobsites with Q Asphalt:

  • Tons per day:  +18%

  • Tons per employee:  +22%

  • Tons per paver:  +12%

  • Produced tons per working hour:   +28%

  • Transport cost per ton:  -5%

  • Total costs per ton:  -25%

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