Plant optimisation, at any time, everywhere

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  • Digital orders

  • Minimize the number of recipe changes

  • Optimized production plan

  • Transport planning and tracking

  • Energy saving

  • Dashboard with most important metrics of the plant

  • Universal: works on every asphalt plant 

“Q Plant offers us a single platform for all our orders and systems.”


“No other system is so complete and works with all our plants”


Swiss customer

Customer feedback on plants using Q Plant:

  • Planning Security   + 40 %
  • Delivery ability  >   5 %
  • Reduction of transport space  > 10 %
  • Increase of production efficiency   12-25 % (1-3h/day)


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The only true optimization system compatible with all asphalt plants


With Q Plant, operators can process and control all relevant information regarding orders, production, dispatching and logistics on a user-friendly platform online and from anywhere. It enables the smooth and profitable operation of a mixing plant and masters delivery as well as distribution problems, difficulties and remaining quantity problems. Saving up to 30% in energy consumption and production cycle times of mixing plants.